Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rose and Dots Cameleon Set

Canopy and Reversible Seat Inlay
Fabrics: Aqua Rose and Pink Ta Dots


Friday, January 21, 2011

Fabric ideas!

Hello to all of my wonderful customers!

I am going to be adding more new fabrics to my website and I thought it would be great to ask you all, What kind of fabrics would you like to see? 

Please leave your comments her on the blog about what fabrics you would like to see more of.  Flowers, stripes, paisley, more green, more browns, more purples, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Shipping Rates

I am sooooo excited I can't even stand it!!

My website shipping options and rates have been updated. 

The shipping rates on my website have been something that always bothered me.  It was set up as a shipping price per number of items you ordered regardless of the cost or weight of your item(s).  My shipping prices were not fair to someone who wanted to order say just a sheet or bumper bar.  Both of these items are nicely priced but in some cases, the shipping was more than the item itself.  I was always bummed by that.

GREAT NEWS - That is no longer the case!!!!

My website now offers buyers 3 shipping rate options - First Class (slow), Priority Mail (2-3 days within the US and 5-10 business days internationally), Express Mail (1-2 days in the US and 3-5 days internationally).*


The weight of the item is now considered, no more overpriced shipping costs.

I hope this post excites all of my customers as much as it does me.  I feel so much better.

* Timeframes are quoted by the United States Postal Service. I DO NOT guarantee these timeframes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aqua Owls - My littlest one loves this set

Aqua Owls has always been one of my favorite fabrics.  The colors in this fabrics are so happy. 

My littlest princess (2 years old) has been says, "Mama, hoo, hoo", for 2 days while I have been creating this ADORABLE custom set.

I love the look the fuschia pin dots adds to this set.  There is going to be a SUPER adorable and STYLISH little one strolling around Australia in this adorable stroller set.

I decided to make this custom set a little extra special.  I made the seat inlay reversible.  LOVE IT!  One side is aqua owls and the reverse is fuschia pin dots.  Love it so much, I am going to offer reversible seat inlays on my website.  How cool!

Aqua Owls with fuschia pin dots
Custom canopy, seat inlay, undercarriage bag and bumper bar.

Aqua Owls with fuschia pin dotsCustom canopy, seat inlay, and undercarriage bag.

Aqua Owls with fuschia pin dots
Custom canopy, seat inlay (I decided to make this seat inlay reversible, I LOVE the look of the fuschia dots), and undercarriage bag.

Aqua Owls with fuschia pin dots
Custom canopy, reversible seat inlay, undercarriage bag and bumper bar.

Custom set with apron
The fuschia pin dots apron adds a nice touch to this custom set.  A custom apron is great for the bassinet of the stroller but also great for the toddler seat as well.  We use our on slightly cool days when a footmuff is not quite necessary but perhaps a light blanket is.  It is also great to use with little ones who drop toys, they get caught in the apron and do not get dirty - hooray!

With a set this adorable, a matching undercarriage bag was a must!

The whole set!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Fabrics and Products

Hooray 25 new fabrics to choose from & 3 new products!

New products
  1. Diaper Clutch - super handy for carrying a few diapers and wipes
  2. Stroller Diaper Bag - keep all of the necessities with you in one of our super stylish diaper bags
  3. Pushbar Handle - Protect your pushbar handle from rips, tears and germs!

New Fabrics

I retired 25 of your least favorite fabrics and added 25 new ones.  Adding new fabrics is always so exciting to me.  Here are 4 of the new fabrics.  Visit my website to see all of your fabric options; 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful customers! 

To kick off the new year, I will be adding new fabrics to the website and retiring a few.  I will also be adding a few new products. 

Keep checking our blog and website for these changes.

Happy New Year!

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