Sunday, March 31, 2013

Denim, Chevron and Flowers

Custom Bugaboo Bee Plus Canopy and Seat Liner

Canopy - Dark denim, black and white chevron and 3 hand rolled flowers
Seat Liner - Black and white chevron

Monday, March 11, 2013

I ♥ a custom CUSTOM order

When a super sweet mom-to-be sent me a photo of her Petunia Pickle Bottom (PPB) diaper bag and asked if I could help create a custom set for her Bugaboo Frog that would match, I jumped at the idea.  I LOVED the diaper bag.
Image Courtesy of Petunia Pickle Bottom - purchase here

Gray and vintage yellow being the two colors the mom really wanted to see in her custom stroller set.

After a very short search for fabrics, I came across these two fabrics and we both agreed, PERFECT.

Sometimes when you land a new order that uses a super fabulous fabric, you rush order the set because YOU are so excited to see it completed.

 I absolutely love how this custom set turned out and I hope this super sweet MOM does as well.   Yup, Mom now, not mom-to-be.  I called this sweet customer to ask a question and her little princess has arrived.  Maybe there will be an update to this post with a photo of a sweet little princess in her stroller:)


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