Monday, June 6, 2011

What am I up to??

Some of your wonderul followers have been asking me what I am currently working on.  It is so great so many of you enjoy checking my website and blog to see my latest creations.

I will update my blog tomorrow with the newest images of sets I have been creating.

Order updates:  At this time, I am behind on orders.  I deeply apologize for this and am working day and night and with the help of a few others to get orders created and shipped ASAP.  If you are currently waiting for an order, please rest assure I have not forgotten about you and your order will be shipped very soon.  Orders do take about 8 - 10 weeks from the date they were ordered.   At this time I have a few people waiting longer than that and they are my priority, I must completed orders as they are placed.  I do not accept rush orders.  In the future I will be all caught up and will have the ability to accept rush orders. 

Thank you all so kindly for your orders, support and wonderful blog and website comments about my work.  I truly love what I do and enjoy customizing your strollers.

Have wonderful day,


  1. I recognized, I am a Jill canopy’s addict. I check every single day blog and site expecting new fabrics, customs or customer’s photos to be updated… And I cannot give up…
    Thanks so much for your work.
    Caroul, CS, Spain.

  2. its worth the wait...received my order today.....and everything is absolutely stunning...well done, privileged that you choose to devote your time to us crazy ladies, your work is fantastic, looking forward to placing many more orders.

  3. I spoke with you today about my order and I just wanted to say that you are SO kind and I am so appreciative that you took the time to graciously talk through my selections and advise me on what will look best! I am so excited in anticipation of my adorable accessories! I hope that everyone will be patient with you and understanding that you are a MOM first and a business owner second! We'll be patient in Florida! :o) And when we visit our family in Maine - we will be looking you up for our rentals!!



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