Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SPECIAL COUPON & Website announcement

Since moving from ebay and etsy in March to my very own website, I have been blessed with many, many orders from new and previous customers. I have been BUSY!
As my blog and website show, I am first and foremost a wife and mom. These two “job titles” mean the world to me. I sew during nap times and then about 6 hours a night after our girls go to bed, which is about 7:30 PM.

Sewing custom stroller covers is my passion. I enjoy sewing each and every one of them. I take great pride in my work and ensure that each piece is PERFECT! That takes time. My heart feels wonderful when I get emails from my customers who have recently received their order in the mail and they thank me for my perfect work and enclose an image of their sweet precious ones enjoying their stroller adorned with my work. Perhaps the best email arrived about 3 weeks ago from a customer in Singapore. It reads,

I just received the package this evening and it was WELL worth the wait!

The embroidery of my little girl's name was beautifully and intricately done and the materials used were really impressive. The canopies turned out to be lovely and so much more than I'd hoped it'd look.

Oh, did i mention that you paid every attention to detail and the stitching is fab? Even hubby was impressed!
I'm sure my daughter will love her keepsake when she gets older.
What I create is a form of art, not an assembly line, mass produced product. Each order I complete is unique and personalized for the family who ordered it. I wish I could multiply myself to complete orders faster or not need sleep some days so that I can complete more orders but well, that is not realistic.
I enjoy working with each and every one of my customer designing the perfect stroller for their little ones. To show my appreciation to all of my existing and new customers for 4 days only, I will be offering 10% off new orders. Following the 4 day promotion, I will be closing my website for the remainder of 2010. This will allow me time to complete all of my orders as well as enjoy the year end holidays with my family. Our girls are 2 & almost 4, they are going to be soooooo much fun this holiday season. I will reopen on January 4th. It is my absolute goal when reopening that ALL orders placed before October 31st will be complete which will result in a shorter ordering time for 2011.

Thank you all so much for your support for my custom creations.


10% off orders over $99.00*

Coupon code: MBT10

* Coupon is valid through October 31st. Not valid on previous orders, new orders only.

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