Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Fabric Options - Need your input

Hello my wonderful Maine Baby Treat followers.  I am in the process of retiring some fabrics and adding new ones.  I would love to hear from some of you to help me with this process.  I will post a few new fabrics I am considering in a day or so and will be asking for you to vote on which fabrics I should add to my fabric selection.

In the meantime, feel free to suggest some fabrics to me.  Tell me what you like!  Do you want more blue fabrics, flower fabric, polka dot fabric, orange fabrics, stripes???  Please tell me!

P.S. - Psssst, maybe just maybe along with the new fabrics introductions, I will be having a sale.....  Stay tuned!


  1. Oooh how exiting! I'm so looking forward to see new fabric!

  2. How about Echino Scooter Fabric by Etsuko Furuya,comes in orang/blue, magenta and black and gray!

  3. Thank you Linda and Jennifer. I am also very excited to add new fabrics.
    Jennifer- Great fabric! I will see what I can do. It seems that fabric has been discontinued. I will try my hardest though.

  4. Looking forward to some new fabrics, would love some stylish boy ones.
    Although my purse is trying to hide at the idea of a sale :)

  5. i love michael miller and amy butler fabrics! love gender neutral where it could be for a girl or boy. any mod fabrics are cute too..

  6. I also like gender neutral & stripes/dots. I am so happy to have come across your site. I have an '09 Bee and they customize like crazy in the UK, but I can't even find an alternate hood color here in the US!



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