Friday, May 7, 2010

Order updates and Happy Mothers Day

Hello to all of my wonderful customers.

I love my "job"!  All of you choose different fabrics and fabric combinations which makes my work a lot of fun.  Not to mention each of you email me with such excitement to customize your stroller and display your own style.

I wanted to give you all updates on your orders.  I am currently working on orders that were placed about 2-3 weeks ago.  Today my mother in law played with my girls so I could really work hard at putting a dent in my orders.  It was a success!  I completed 4 orders today.  This weekend is suppose to be rainy in Maine so I plan to work ALL DAY Saturday completing even more orders.  I try very hard to get orders complete ASAP as I know what it is like to wait for an exciting package to arrive.  I am taking Sunday off though, I am a very happy mommy to 2 beautiful girls.

Happy Mother's Day!

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